Our Mission

As a living, developing business, Orange Umbrella functions as a student collective of experiential education beyond the classroom. Oranges become familiar with the working world through the guidance of our Advisory Board and seasoned alumni. Strong client relations and internal structure ensure members are immersed in a professional environment that’s constantly improving. Curiosity fuels Orange Umbrella’s collaborative efforts for exploration into untapped ideas.

It’s why we’re unphased by unfamiliarity. It’s how we’re constantly growing and serving the freshest ideas to our clients.


Our Vision

Orange Umbrella strives to be the premier student-run communication consultancy in the country, as it also helps redefine higher education and professional development.


Our Three Pillars



Orange Umbrella is a class, but it is unlike any other class at the University of Miami. OU facilitates students’ abilities and skills through experiential learning and hands-on responsibilities. We swap classrooms for an incredible workspace, and mundane assignments for published deliverables. We help students reach their full potential as industry experts and mentors to others, redefining the process of education as we know it.



Here at Orange Umbrella, we celebrate our small successes, producing real deliverables, for real clients, under real deadlines. As a company, we hold ourselves to a standard of excellence. Only after hours of concepting and proofing does our work receive the OU-seal of approval, ensuring consistency with our superior level of service.



By functioning as a living, breathing business, OU offers opportunities for students to network and develop professionally. Through office tours, communication workshops, guest speakers, and our alumni network, our Oranges continue to grow as individuals with the necessary tools to thrive in the workforce.



MJ, Managing Director

Melissa Jane Barnes is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and real-world experience.

MJ (as her students call her) began her professional advertising career in Miami at CP+B, one of the most widely-recognized, award-winning agencies in the industry.  She managed culture-shifting campaigns for iconic brands like Volkswagen, MetLife, and American Express Travel.

At the University of Miami, MJ utilizes real-world, agency-style techniques when training and teaching students. MJ began serving as the Managing Director of Orange Umbrella and the Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center in 2016.  

Melissa Jane attributes her success at the University of Miami to her best friend and co-professor, Captain.




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