A Closer Look at the Real Monsters

It’s coming. You’ve noticed it already. The pumpkins stacked on sidewalks, the skeletons clinging to the doors of suburban houses, the cobwebs growing on the windows of storefronts. On a single Halloween evening, cackling witches, creatures, and black cats will flood the streets. The celebration of horror and king-sized candy bars has something for everyone; where you can become anything or anyone; test how brave you truly are; or craft plans to collect and build candy mountains. We all dress up as monsters, but what would you do if you stumbled upon one?

Jung von Matt fully explores this question in their latest TV spot, Monster Film, for their client Huawei Mobile CEE&Nordic. The spot opens with an air of mystery—mirroring Stranger Things—as a boy falls behind while biking with his friends in the woods, and discovers something magical: Gnu Gnu. Jung von Matt speaks to the world’s atmosphere through the overwhelming reaction to the adorable little monster. The agency sculpts a commentary on society’s need to monetize everything, but they simultaneously show the impact one has and the price one pays in turning experiences into income. In a world of vloggers, influencers, and people sharing their intimate stories on social media, the tagline “It’s in your hands” paired with the final actions of the boy in the woods speaks measures, letting us reflect on our own actions.

Our generation doesn’t connect with the false promises that brands make. We can turn our heads or retreat to our phones. The brands that catch our eye speak to our concerns about the world by taking a stance on those issues. Jung von Matt did just this in their Monster Film. They made the digital climate that surrounds us tangible, and spoke to the often-overlooked social responsibility behind taking a single photo. The spot is unsettling at points, but speaks to the raw and intrinsic curiosity of humans. Looking past the potential that human beings hold to unknowingly do harm, we see an even more human side in the reflection and decision to be mindful about our actions, by being aware of their consequences.

On a night where we transform into the things of dreams, fantasies, and nightmares, Jung von Matt makes us think about something we’ve heard a million times: to think before we act. Their message is powerful—in how it’s presented—because it’s adapted to fit the culture of our tech-friendly world. As a result, it resonates more than just simple words of caution. So, this Halloween, as you walk into a sea of monsters, remember this little creature from the forest, and think carefully before you act.