Who Wants the Juice: Team Nicki or Cardi?


This past month, two of hip-hop’s hottest female artists have been making headlines. Yes, we’re talking about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. In case you’ve been living under a rock (or have real-world problems to deal with), we’ll catch you up.

Cardi B skyrocketed to fame in summer of 2017 with the release of her top hit “Bodak Yellow.” Up until that point, rapper Nicki Minaj had been sitting comfortably unchallenged as the top female rapper.

Fans started to wonder, how would Nicki respond to some heat?

All seemed to be going well throughout Cardi’s first successful summer. However, after a speech made in August of 2017, Cardi calls out an unnamed rapper for “all the sudden wants to be friends,” which many fans speculated to be about Nicki.

Following that, there were months of alleged diss tracks and tweets from Nicki Minaj that were thought to be aimed at her new competitor.

Juicy stuff, right? What’s even juicier is all of this was conjecture until about a month ago. As New York Fashion Week was underway, the star-studded Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party was one of the week’s more glamorous events.

Nicki and Cardi were both in attendance, and the night seemed to be going well until...in the blink of an eye, the train of Cardi’s dress was completely ripped off, a shoe goes flying, a large bump swells on Cardi’s forehead, and a disheveled picture of a weave is circulating the Internet.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Cardi accuses Nicki of stepping on her train, causing her wardrobe malfunction and an eruption of emotions to come spewing out in the form of a full-on catfight. Sips tea.

But wait, there’s more.

This past week Cardi once again made headlines all by herself after turning herself in to New York City police on accusations of ordering and committing assaults against two strippers in a nightclub.

Any word from Nicki? Not yet. But fans have been taking to social media on both sides making their views known.

That’s a lot to take in, we know. We’re just trying to help you make a critical life decision: team Cardi, or team Nicki?