An Orange's Experience at Google


Over the past 5 months, I’ve been involved with the Google Creative Campus. In June, they flew me to Cannes Lions to participate in the Roger Hatchuel Academy. The Academy focused on driving greater diversity and inclusion in the creative industries with a group of 35 students from over 20 countries.

Last week, they wrapped it up by flying me and my Roger Hatchuel classmates to Mountainview, California to gain a deep dive into Google’s practices, and to continue what we were learning in Cannes. The biggest thing I took away from the trip was the importance of surrounding myself with good people.

Google showed me the importance of that in the workplace.  Everybody I met at Google was multifaceted and passionate about their work. I can tell that they push each other to be their best. It's no wonder that Google is famous for its company culture when everyone they hire is so talented. A good company culture has become a priority for me when looking for a job next year.

Reconnecting with my Roger Hatchuel Academy friends reminded me how having good people as friends can elevate me. The group continues to surprise and impress me. My classmates do everything from running an art house in South Carolina, to designing billboards in Tokyo, to filming documentaries about Ghanian boxing culture. They’re awesome. Being reunited with them was just the boost I needed to finish out my semester and really dive into the job search.

As I go forward in my career, I'm placing an emphasis on spending time with people who push me to be better. I advise that everyone do the same.

-Zach Stubblefield