Orange Umbrella Departments as Thanksgiving Foods

There’s tons to look forward to about Thanksgiving break. Reuniting with old home friends, spending quality time with family, sipping on hot apple cider by the fireplace, running in Turkey Trot 5Ks, and parking yourself in front of the TV to watch football are all just a few of our favorite fall things. Nonetheless, we can’t forget about what’s arguably the best part of Thanksgiving… the food!

It’s hard to keep our mouths from watering when we think about all the delectable dishes we’ll find ourselves facing next Thursday evening. After a day full of dog shows and Macy’s-sponsored merriment, there’s nothing that warms our souls more than a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast. Much like our own consultancy, each element of the Thanksgiving table brings its own strengths to the party. The flavors of every plate combine to create nothing short of greatness. Just like the departments at Orange Umbrella, each Thanksgiving dish brings along its own talent, and collaborates flawlessly with neighboring foods. With this in mind, here are the Thanksgiving foods that best represent each of the wonderful departments here at OU:

Business Development - The Turkey


Biz dev is really the department that holds it all together. Without them, we can’t keep track of the logistical details and financial points behind all the amazing work Orange Umbrella produces. Similarly, the turkey is an essential centerpiece to any proper Thanksgiving table. And, if you ask us, good communication - internally and externally - is the ‘gravy’ that makes it delectable.

Account Management - The Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are always a crowd pleaser, and lathering on that good communication gravy is a must for this scrumptious side dish. Whether you prefer the traditional mashers made fluffy with butter and cream, or that amazing sweet potato concoction made with pecans and marshmallows, this comfort food just tastes like home. Our account managers seem to fulfill a similar purpose. When dealing with clients, they are the ones making them feel welcome, keeping them happy no matter what, and making sure their Orange Umbrella experience was exceptional.

Creative - The Mac n’ Cheese


There’s nothing like a nice big dish of homestyle mac n’ cheese. Delicious ingredients come together all in the same pot to create a piping hot plate of beautiful, cheesy, gooey goodness. A good bowl of mac is much like the deliverables our creatives generate around the clock. All types of imaginative minds convene to generate innovative ideas, and ultimately, everyone throws their own talents into the ring to conceive a true masterpiece.

Strategy - Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry sauce is one of the more polarizing members of the Thanksgiving spread. Some people love it, and put it on everything. Others might hate it, and avoid it at all costs. Put simply, the cranberry sauce represents what our strategists are all about: insights. The strategy department delves into the big questions, researching and investigating to retaliate with the most effective answers. All in all, you might not think your personal stance on cranberry sauce says anything about your identity as a consumer… but this department will assure you, it does.

Public Relations - Pumpkin Pie


Aside from the turkey, pumpkin pie is arguably the most iconic of Thanksgiving foods. The pumpkin pie serves as an emblematic cornerstone of this season; in fact, it’s practically spawned it’s very own brand, inspiring other foodstuffs to be created. Pumpkin spice lattés, pumpkin spice candles, and pumpkin pie spice in general, are all results of the distinguished dessert. When you really think about it, PR’s job is pretty similar to the purpose pumpkin pie serves. This department build up brands and spreads awareness for the client, garnering the type of excitement that only pie at thanksgiving dinner can.