Orange Umbrella's Feature Story on NBC6

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 5.39.16 PM.png

We’re getting really tired here in the IMC. With paparazzi constantly barging in, it’s a little tiresome having to repeat “no pictures, please” constantly. But how did this happen? Well, let’s go back to the week before Thanksgiving. Upon coming in for Tuesday’s session, Oranges were excited to see NBC6 set up and ready to do a feature story on our thriving consultancy.

Between taking b-roll and one-on-one interviews, reporter Erika Glover made sure to cover each crack and crevice of what makes OU unique. After MJ touched on some of #OUrSuccess stories, Hanna - one of our awesome Creative Directors - covered the amazing opportunities that OU gives to its members, such as interdisciplinary collaboration. Energy ran through the entire consultancy, as we couldn’t wait to get the word out.

Then air day came.  Everyone crammed to the front of the IMC to witness history and greatness happen in real time. After all, it was the first time any student-run consultancy received a feature story. And it was a feature to remember. Orange Umbrella presented itself in its full glory as the IMC lit up with excitement. It’s our biggest break yet, solidifying that our trajectory of success is only going up.