5 Modern Aspects of the Boats Group Office that Agencies Should Implement

This past week, OU’s summer staff took on Brickell and visited the office of Boats Group, a boating lifestyle firm. Besides exploring their interactive workspace which features lots of perks (including Heineken on tap!), CEO Sam Fulton sat down with the bunch to discuss what it means to work in an evolving industry. Here are some aspects of the Boats Group office that we love:

  • No Assigned Desks

Step into the Boats Group’s Brickell office and you’re bound to notice something unusual right off the bat; there are no cubicles. All desks are unmarked, unassigned, and unclaimed. Every working space in the office is shared and available to be worked at by whoever needs it. This principle creates a community-oriented office culture that encourages collaboration and integrated participation between departments. Treating the office as one large shared work space is highly conducive to overall teamwork, while it also enforces less of a power distance between those in differing positions. This type of organization plays a huge role in Boats Group’s office culture.

  • The Coffee Setup


No matter where you are in the world, if you work, you know how vital coffee is to productivity. The 9-5 grind can be grueling at times, but a daily dose of caffeine can help tremendously to keep the workflow in check and ensure tasks get completed in a timely manner. On a lighter note, though, the brewing station at the Boats Group’s HQ is not your typical hum-drum office pot of stale coffee. In the center of the office, you’ll find state-of-the-art coffee machines that can make everything from cappuccinos to 3:05 cafecitos. Adorned with glass jars of raw sugar and miniature succulent plants, employees enjoy the same aesthetic and feel of an indie coffee shop every time they grab a cup of joe.

  • Shuffleboard / Ping Pong


Taking a break during a busy workday can not only be vital in maintaining one’s mental health, but also helps to ensure a higher caliber of work in the long run. It’s important for employees not to feel too overworked or burnt out during the day, as their abilities and skills will take a hit. With this in mind, Boats Group’s headquarters provides workers with an incredible recreational common area equipped with shuffleboard and a ping-pong table. As if that weren’t enough, the employee lounge situated behind an entire wall of windows has a breathtaking view, overlooking the scenic shimmering waters of Brickell Bay and the surrounding skyline.

  • Room Names

No room is ever the same… anywhere. Okay, that may or may not be an exaggeration, but it’s definitely not at Boats Group. Each meeting space’s name is Miami-inspired, such as Ravencraft, Goldfinger (they shot some of it at the Fountainbleu!), and Ron McGill. Offices that take pride in their city are always a plus, especially in the 305. There are only so many cities across the world that are as diverse as Miami, and using the city’s icons as a staple for workplace culture is priceless. Oh, did we forget to mention that Miami is on the water?

  • “Come Dressed”


At Boats Group, all office attire guidelines can be summed up within a single phrase of two words: “Come dressed.” Staying in line with the HQ’s laid back, easygoing culture, the company dress code is super casual. Employees are able to dress however formally or informally they are comfortable with, so long as they are fully dressed. This allows for a more relaxed work atmosphere with less of the expressive confinement sometimes associated with the corporate world.