Cold Times in Coral Gables


Oh, what we all wait for throughout the year. That period of time where you can feel cozy outdoors all while feeling comfortable, when showing up to class with the damp-mess aesthetic like a golden retriever out of a lake is no longer an issue, and when everyone complains for no damn-good reason!

“It’s freezing!” “I can’t go to the pool!” “I have to change my outfit throughout the day!” “The fountain mist not only smells bad, but it’s freezing!”

BE. QUIET. I’m serious. Throughout the whole year we walk around campus wanting to be fried out of our own misery, while the rest of the nation is chilling out with NORMAL Fall weather. At night I typically have my box and ceiling fan on high, with the A/C at 68º (no, the electric bill isn’t that bad, yes, I hibernate rather than sleep.) And now I can turn the box fan off and keep the ceiling fan on low! Do you know how big of a leap that is?

Ok, let me level with you here. I’m from quiet ol’ Connecticut, you know, that place where your waspy, obnoxious aunt lives that gets too festive at Christmas? There we have these things called “seasons.” I know they don’t exist here in South Florida, so let me explain. Throughout the year, THE CLIMATE VARIATES. I know, shocking. But not only that, IT SNOWS! It’s not only on Game of Thrones! And I miss that variation! I long to step outside on my porch, look up at the sky, and have the welcoming sun radiate on my skin. I miss that pinecone breeze caressing me with its silky texture of belonging. And if I can have a hint of that here in Miami, my God will I cherish it like nothing else.

Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing, maybe it’s innate, maybe it’s Maybelline (probably not,) I don’t know. But all I know is that THIS Orange fully ripens in that kind of weather. And as each Orange here at Orange Umbrella is unique, so is their ripening season. For example, Isabella's is in the Spring, and Max's is the Fall as well. Your season says a lot about you, so adjust to it when the time of year comes and channel your inner self through it. Pretty hippy-ish, I know, but give it a shot.