Defining "Spooky"

Halloween is coming up! And that means it’s time to get schwif - I mean spooky. Get spooky. Yes. And what does that entail? It can mean a lot for various people. For sorority girls it means that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are now out of season. For commuter students it can mean the Palmetto is completely backed up. And for Orange Umbrella members it means one thing and one thing only: mental blocks.

Let me paint the scene for you: you have a four o’clock meeting on a Thursday to discuss a client’s creative brief. You had class on the other side of campus so you show up in the nick of time with sweat dripping down your back, causing you to become a damp mess. All while the A/C is on full blast, causing the nasty sweat on your body to stick. Mmmmm. Grossness.

Upon walking in you get settled: sit down, computer out, smile on, aaaannnddddd brain off. You know it’s happening, and you gotta spark that jack-o-lantern fast! You try clearing your mind, you go for some water, you go to your “happy place,” you try ANYTHING. And then, out of nowhere, that creepy fog inside you head suddenly clears. You didn’t know when it would happen, or how, but it just does.

That period of uncertainty can shoot fear and uncertainty right up your spine, and fast. Even faster than service at the Rathskeller (ba dum tss.) And I’m talking REAL fear. Like scarier than seeing your parents naked, or knowing that people will actually go to malls and shop for Christmas gifts rather than just gifting some old appliance that they never opened. Just me? Ok.

But regardless, fears are just another part of life. Some we keep secret and some we make public. But what’s most important? Knowing that these fears exist and knowing what they are. Only then can you become a stronger individual.

So enough with the corny outro. I have a huge project I need to get started on for marketing and it’s not gonna be fun.

Boo Felicia, from all of us here at Orange Umbrella!