Eyjafjallajökull Story, Bro


What if I were to tell you that there's a place where Instagram models dream of, where it constantly smells of sulfur and a basic meal will run you $40. Where the language kinda sounds like Dutch but if Dutch had to be put in a medically-induced coma. That’s right, Iceland.

Now don’t get me wrong ... Iceland? That remote island up north where vikings are from and they shoot Game of Thrones? What would make me want to drop ONLY $330 ON NON-STOP AIRFARE (yes, true story, shoutout to WOWAir; however, you do feel like you’re flying Spirit across the Atlantic.)

Well, let’s start off with Reykjavik, the capital. The downtown area is basically the Grove: bars with a mist of uncertainty and slight regret in the air. After walking around for a little bit, I stumbled upon Húrra, a neat, hippie-ish bar that was having a karaoke night. After being poured a pint of Viking Classic, a smooth Icelandic beer, I began making small talk with the bartender, Arnar. Arnar looked like a straight-up viking; blonde hair, big posture, you get it. Basically someone who would get burnt in the sun almost instantly, yet you did not want to mess with whatsoever. We ended up talking for an hour or two about life, from Sigur Ros (Icelandic rock) to how he was an anarchist back in his youth. You know, the typical stuff. After, I proceeded to go downstairs to the karaoke spot to see a group of about 10-15 people jamming out to some of America’s MOST POPULAR artists, like Seal. Yea. That dude that was with Heidi Klum, right? I’m talking really mainstream stuff. But I can’t blame them. It was a Sunday night. I would also be miserable enough to do karaoke to Seal knowing that I had to be a functioning human the next morning.

Besides Reykjavik, there’s so much more the country has to offer. The nature is insane; I felt like where it was not earth-like at some points. From seeing breathtaking mountains that have seizure-inducing names (like Eyjafjallajökull … don’t even try) to visiting an abandoned plane crash site near the village of Vik that’s surrounded by volcanic debris, your social media is bound to be pure fuego.

But go a step further. This place is like nowhere else on earth. Actually, I take that back. This place might as well not even be on earth. So… go nuts. Try to connect with a different side of yourself. An adventurous one, an open one, one that doesn't take “no” for an answer. Do the unexpected, and allow your inner irrational self to take you on this adventure.

Afterall, that’s how we do it here at OU.

‘Til next time.