Here at The University of Miami, finals season in the most gut-wrenching, mentally and physically abusing seasons out of any college in the country.

To begin with, I sweat on the way to class. It is almost overwhelming pacing by the palm trees in the 80-degree weather all day. And to make it even worse, the breeze from the ocean nearby messes up how my hair looks before I even get into my classroom. Not to mention the fact that the beach is right nearby! Do you not understand how hard it is to focus on studying when you know you could be laying on the sand? And then, even worse, when we study on the beach, it is extremely annoying to have to chase papers around as the wind takes them. Now the anxiety builds up while walking past the campus pool every day and it begins to haunt me in my sleep. On my way to class today, I walked past a sign that read “free massages in the courtyard!” Sure, go ahead, professional masseuse, give me a massage and prevent me from going to class, once again! And then, after my stressful, distracting massage, I head over to the campus bar. Before you know it, I’m too out of it to be able to be able to work. After that I go to bed, excited to wake up tan and do the same thing the next day. It’s difficult being a student here, let me tell you.