Miami students waited eight years for it. FSU students went ghost-mode for weeks after it. What is it, you ask? When Miami invaded Tallahassee and went home with the W. It all started on Friday morning. Students here in Miami woke up before the sun came up to make the trek to the wonderful city of Tallahassee. I, for one, fell asleep ten minutes out from the UM campus and woke up eight hours later in what seemed like foreign land. All I saw was a truck full of cows, a bunch of Bojangles’ restaurants, and trees (not palm trees). The first thing I asked after my borderline unconscious nap was if we were in the right place. Where were the sky-high glass buildings, the beaches, and Floyd Mayweather driving his Lamborghini down Ocean Drive? I guess I had signed up for this when I came to FSU for the big game.

The day of the tailgate was a complete battle: maroon and gold versus orange and green. I can’t say that we were very welcomed there, per se, judging by all of the “U’s” that FSU students held up with their middle fingers and the shirts they wore that read “Sucks to be U,” but Miami students still managed to make themselves at home. It felt strange not having to find a solid square-foot of space on one of the packed school busses that Miami students manage to pack at least 100 people on. Rather, we walked not even ten minutes into the stadium where history was soon to be made.

We sat through hours of being ridiculed and chanted at by Seminoles fans as they patiently waited for their next win. But with only six seconds left in the game, who knew that wide receiver Darrell Langham would steal the heart of everyone in the stadium. I have never seen more joy as well as anger in one place in my entire life. The ‘Canes had broken the streak, and I refused to take anything any Seminoles fan would say to me that night. Looks like the Seminoles are going to have to add an “FS” before that “U” on their shirts for the next game.