The Boujee Party Teen Invasion

Hey there. What’s up? The name’s Greg. Gregory, Gregorio. Up to you. It’s all gucci. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, another student piece about Orange Umbrella, sick!” Well, I’m here to burst your thin and poorly-constructed bubble, bud. Because we’re gonna take a sharp left down Internet Lane, you know, that place that intersects Mediocre Avenue. To a place where only the coolest of people hang out. And when I mean the coolest of people, I’m talking about five people sitting at home bored, MAYBE six. That’s right. We’re gonna dive into UM’s unofficial, hottest new page: UM Memes for Boujee Party Teens.

“Okay, Gregory Michael Mintz IX of Fairfield, Connecticut. Not only do I not know you, but I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.” Don’t worry, ya normie. I got you. You see, this Facebook group takes a raunchy and (sometimes) hilarious look into the daily life of die-hard ‘Canes and what they think of daily life here in wonderful Coral Gables. From roasting FSU after our EPIC last-minute win to post-Irma venting to campus-wide events that even your 72-year-old microbiology professor would be interested in, this page has got your bizarre/semi-funny humor needs DOWN. ON. LOCK. (BOI.) The page currently has 2,025 members, which is only about 20 percent of the entire UM student body. However, there’s always room for 2,026. 😉

It’s a public group, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find while you’re procrastinating at 1 AM in the library, hoping that a miracle happens and you wake up back home in your bed (that is if you can even get to sleep before 5 AM.) And, ya know, knock yourself out. Try making and posting a meme yourself. Explore that really suppressed, yet creative, awkward side of you. It’s not that scary down there, trust me. But why? To get your weird on. After all, we all do that here at Orange Umbrella.

Ok, I’m gonna go now. I’m fighting a cold, sleep deprived, and overthinking my Fall Break trip I decided not to cancel (which is turning out to be a bad move… but I like to live dangerously).

‘Til Next Week.