The Field of (Dead) Dreams

The entire campus erupted in a loud roar after the announcement that shocked the world: The Field of Dreams will not remain.

What is the Field of Dreams you ask? It is a place just as inspirational, magical, and beautiful as it sounds. The Field of Dreams is a large strip of grass where thousands of people tailgate and party before the game, every game. Amenities include: multiple porta-potties, a grill here and there that some boy is probably making hamburgers to put inside of hotdog buns, and some elevated platforms perfect for the average girl to dance on. The feeling you get while running down that never ending strip of grass through thousands of people rocking their green and orange some way or another is irreplaceable. Getting lost and separated from your friends is not difficult, but I can guarantee that you will always make a new friend or two. Initial word of students no longer being able to go to the Field of Dreams was sent in a very detailed email, but the only part of that email that people focused on was the part that said we are no longer allowed to tailgate at the field. The email was immediately sent from group chat to group chat, and within minutes, everybody and their grandmothers had heard about the new rule. The wonderful Field of Dreams came back to us just a few weeks ago and now it is taken from us again. Will students just let this happen, or will somebody not allow this change to happen? Knowing Miami kids, anything can happen.

R.I.P. UM tailgates, 1926-2017.