Trick or Treat'n Around UM

I am nineteen years old. I cook my own food, make my own bed, and drive myself to campus. All of that, I accept. One thing I will never accept, though, is all of the nonsense going around saying “you should stop trick or treating after middle school.” I want to bring trick or treating back, make it the new trend for college kids, and explore what the UM campus has to offer for all of my Halloween cravings. I created a map of what each business on campus would offer as far as Halloween treats go.

Now make sure you bring a large pillow case with you. Scratch that. Bring a barrell. You’re about to have a heavy day ahead of you. You could begin at the one and only Rathskeller. The wonderful gift-giving man at the front of the restaurant will be handing out black and orange pitchers! The key here is not to ask questions. Just smile and take your pitcher.

From there we move to our very own version of Chipotle: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. There, (and prepare yourself for a middle school throwback here), they will be handing out none other than Mexican Beer Pops! Also known as Tarrito, these pitcher-shaped lollipops were banned from schools across the country. I still couldn’t tell you whether or not they have actual alcohol in them; I personally would just sneak them around school for the thrill of it.

The next stop on the list: The Lennar Foundation Medical Center. They’ll be offering what they call “mystery shots,” so come out and become immune to whatever virus they decide to free you from! This will prepare you to stay safe when you make your way to the library, where students live all day and night. Who knows what diseases live in there. On the first floor, you’ll find that instead of the spectacular variety of notecards and pencils that the vending machines typically have to offer, they will be replacing those items with Halloween stickers! (Rumor has it a lucky few will receive scratch and sniff stickers).

Now if all of that failed to put you all in true Halloween spirit, the freshman dorms will be giving out candy, (original, right?). So come out with us next week, get your spirit on, and join us for the Halloween adventure of a lifetime.