Welcome to the Pulp

So... welcome to The Pulp!

What’s The Pulp you ask? Well, The Pulp refers to ...

the juice vesicles of a citrus fruit , which are the membranous content of the fruit's endocarp

... Orange Umbrella's very own blog! Meant to keep you up to date with all of our adventures and let you into our fruity world.  

For those who are still unsure of what Orange Umbrella is, we are the student-run consultancy here at the University of Miami, overseen by the wonderful Melissa Jane Barnes.  

Orange Umbrella had a very soft-opening this past spring semester and this summer we are currently working at full throttle. We have a number of clients and an ever-growing grove of oranges under our umbrella.  

But back to The Pulp.  

We'll be posting here on our blog twice every week with a bunch of different topics so make sure to refresh our page every now & then and check in for a new juicy blog post.