Pillow Thoughts


Pillow Thought: a brilliant (potentially idiotic) idea that your brain decides to give you right before bed.  

Do you ever stay up at night asking yourself obscure questions or mulling over life and the universe? Maybe it’s just me, regardless I’m going to pretend that you’re all relating to this. I’ve decided to take all the random thoughts, questions, feelings, etc. I have before bed and compile them into a blog for your entertainment. You may be thinking, “why do I give a duck about this?” Well, I don’t have an answer to that question, but I have answers to other great questions in my blog.



“Can doggos have identical twins?” 

So, like every other basic twenty-something girl I want a puppy. How adorable would it be if you could have a set of identical twin puppies! Do they exist? How do I acquire them? Can I see a picture? Well, I have answers to these super important questions. According to the American Kennel Club, all puppies in a litter are considered fraternal twins (the embryos develop from different eggs and are fertilized by different sperm). Okay that makes sense, but what about identical puppers!?! Guess what, IT CAN BE DONE! Unfortunately, it is very rare. Identical twins are embryos that come from the same egg. This can also occur in other species like cats and farm animals, but it’s more often in the form of conjoined twins. Twin puppies are so rare that there has only been one known case!! ONE!!!!! I guess I’m not getting identical twin puppies anytime soon… but anyway, here are some pics of the little guys.  


The adorable Cullen and Romulus were born in South Africa and have the same exact genetic makeup.  

If you are intrigued by these pups, you can continue to read more about them here. I’m still on the hunt for identical twin puppies so if anyone knows a guy, call me.