11 Unusual Spots that Inspire Us

Any creative will be the first to tell you that there’s nothing more painful than writer’s or designer’s block. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of 11 Unusual Spots in Miami that are sure to inspire you—diminishing that frustrating loss in production. Take a look at the compilation of our favorite locations that help to turn on our mental light bulbs and get our gears turning:




Crandon Park—in Key Biscayne—stands out in my mind when I think of Miami and the beaches that I moved here to find. They are in many ways an escape from the rushed and claustrophobic city life. Walking through the warm and expansive shores brings me a peacefulness that I only feel when I visit home. The two-mile-long beach is home to many vibrant butterflies, radiant parrotfish, and if you’re lucky, you might see migrating sea turtles.




When I close my eyes after a long day, with a cup of tea, and let my mind wander...  this is where I find the most inspiration. In my dreams, colors take form, words become punny, and abstract concepts come to life. With morning light, the first thing I reach for is the notebook on the nightstand to jot down the passing ideas that flooded my mind from the night before.




This is not to be confused with the Wynwood Walls; what helps me break through my writing and design blocks is a walk through the Wynwood area. I would be surprised to find a single wall, sidewalk, or surface that hasn’t been the canvas to an artist. Walking helps me to clear out my mind, so as I walk around Wynwood I often find myself inspired by artistic techniques, innovative style, and societal trends.




Imagine an environment void of distractions, as you produce music between the beat of music in your headphones and the rhythmic clicks of the keyboard and mouse. Our office space, located in the Interactive Media Center, provides a variety of utilities, but none are more helpful than the cubicles. In our industry, collaboration and group work are essential, but when you’ve hit a block in the road, sometimes you need to employ a different strategy. The cubicles function like crock pots; they are a space where your ideas can simmer over time without too much pressure, allowing you to emerge with ideas that are powerful, refined, and sexy.


Osceola Lake is in many senses the epicenter of campus no matter which angle you look at it, the sunsets are always breathtaking. Personally, my inner voice speaks the loudest when I sit propped against the stone steps in front of the Donna E. Shalala Center. There is something ancient and rustic about the feel of the cool stone against my back on a warm day as I sketch ideas, brainstorm, or produce copy. The ripples across the water and the sway of the trees let my thoughts come full circle, as I let my thoughts drift onto paper.


Since the dawn of art, people have found inspiration in the work of others; more so, ten people could look at the same painting and walk away with a different inspiration. Furthermore, exhibits in the PAMM change in cycles, so you can go and see different installations. Yoan Capote’s Island (see-escape) made me wonder about different methods to create images, as his work looks like a painting of the ocean, but in reality is a compilation of fish hooks hammered into two large pieces of driftwood. Go to the PAMM and see which art installation calls to you.



Everything around me is quiet, and I can hear my brain clearly, as I feel the wind brush by me. Biking is not just an effective way to get around town, but is also the ideal downtime for my brain. Throughout the day I am constantly wrapping my head around new ideas and new angles to create, but I often find my most brilliant thoughts come to me when I stop thinking and get on the bike.



Watching the waves roll back in forth on the shore is a great way to relax, but to truly open your mind to a flow of unique ideas, you need to invest in a hammock. Twenty dollars, 4 minutes to set up, and a round beach where the palm trees grow in pairs is all you need to break out of a writer’s block. The feeling of weightlessness that you experience as you hang above the sandy shores at Matheson Hammock Park can only be described as freeing. The true beauty of the park is no matter how you position yourself you can always see the tranquil waves that surround the ring shaped beach.



At the Frost Museum of Science, you’ll encounter exhibits with animals swimming, gliding, and slithering that will engage your mind in different ways. The exhibit that I find myself drawn to most is on the second floor near the oculus. You’ll find a carpeted area there to sit or lay on, where you can gaze at and watch the stingrays that float above your head. Let your mind wander and follow the hypnotic pattern of the undersea creatures. When you leave the museum, you’ll likely leave with a new way to approach your project.



Too many of our days are experienced as a rush: a rush to make deadlines, a rush to arrive on time, a rush to fit meals into work. One of the things that centers me is sitting down and consciously eating my lunch. I put away my phone, turn all my notifications to silent, and focus on my meal. I pay attention to the flavors, the textures, and I eat slowly. Not only does the act of slow, thoughtful eating provide a calming moment, but I feel that most of the ideas simmering in my head come out more clearly after this conscious break.



If you are looking for the restart button on your brain, it can be hard to find at times. A quick workout to re-oxygenate my body is a great way to not only get my gears turning, but to also jump start my thoughts. Whether it’s a quick set of jumping jacks, sit-ups, or even push-ups, once you start, you’ll likely push yourself to do more than you expected. There is nothing that compares to the rush of endorphins, or the stretch you feel in your body, after getting away from your desk for a few minutes.