Commercial Bowl LII Review

Commercial-wise, the Super Bowl was subpar this year. Not because the ads were bad – they were spectacular. But where was the controversy? The only slightly controversial thing was WeatherTech’s commercial about how they built their factory right here in the U.S., which contained footage of their factory’s construction that was misconstrued as an allusion to building the wall. Although I was thoroughly entertained, I wasn’t quite entertained – you know? I was looking for a Pepsi-level whoopsy-daisy.

In my opinion, here were some noteworthy ads that aired throughout the big game:


Intriguing, witty, and funny. They made the point that Avocados are more than just something to make a dip with for your Super Bowl party.


More intriguing, wittier, and funnier. Even the most intelligent modern man is stupid if he's paying for Verizon when Sprint is half the price with a network reliability just the slightest smidgen worse


In what f’d up universe is a movie trailer a top super bowl commercial? In this one. With a superb mix of curiosity-evoking movie lines and snippets of aesthetically exciting scenes, this trailer exploded out of the cliché action movie trailer box and landed into the “yeeee boiiii” category.

But it was more than just the trailer itself that puts this commercial up there. It was when they aired it, which was during the first segment of Super Bowl commercials. They came early. This is very on brand for Star Wars and tackles the issue of the movie being just “A Star Wars story” and not a Star Wars movie. You see, it’s very typical of Star Wars fans to come early. To the movie premiers.


Don Draper once said, “The greatest thing you (brands) have working for you is not the photo you take or the picture you paint. It’s the imagination of the consumer. They have no budget. They have no time limit. And if you can get into that space your ad can run all day.” Every commercial that came on during the Super Bowl, in theory, was a Tide commercial. And every commercial that came on during the Super Bowl was potentially an actual Tide commercial (at least until we realized it wasn’t). Genius.


This perfectly executed Budweiser ad is arguably the best spot of the Super Bowl. I get the tingles every time I watch it - genuine and charming footage and emotionally stimulating audio within a well-developed story all wrapped in a bigger message that’s very on brand with Budweiser being synonymous with “America”. This is advertising in its purest form.