If You're Reading This We Love Drake

Aubrey Graham, ChampagnePapi, Young Angel, Young Lion:

Drizzy Drake

While I’d dare to say that 99% of our Consultancy (and our school) loves Drake, I won’t speak for them, and I’ll write completely from my perspective.

Why am I writing about Drake? Well, this past week he’s been going on a rampage in Miami. He started off shooting a music video at a local high school for his latest hit ‘God’s Plan’. As a Miami local, I was hearing all about this over social media and was made irrationally upset. Why is Drake shooting a video for a song that has nothing to do with Miami, in Miami? Why at Miami Senior High? Why not my old high school when I was still in high school?

Then it all changed.

A slack message came through (shout out all of OU and especially Abby for being the first to mention it) saying that Drake was on campus.

I rushed from home and began vlogging this whole life-altering experience. I sped to school and ran to the SAC to see my hero. The crowd waited and waited for what felt like days, but was really only about an hour. It was an incredible to see how much pull this man has. The crowd was insane, people were skipping class, people were crying (just me, not people) and everyone was anxious to see what he’d do.

He ended up appearing at the SAC balcony to record more footage. He played God’s plan loudly and danced around beautifully in his UM sweatshirt while the crowd went wild, truly wild.

And then before we knew it, he was gone. I peaked this semester. As great as I expect my life to be, it will still all be downhill from here.