Profesh Sesh w/ Jacques Hart

This week, our Profesh Sesh was hosted by guest speaker, Jacques Hart. Jacques Hart has had a long history in the Ad-Industry with a focus on digital and earned media. Hart is the co-founder and CEO of Roar Media. He spoke about the brutal and competitive nature of social media, and then laid out the secret to making any message stick within the minds of our target audience. In our opinion, the two most important takeaways were the importance of emailing and understanding the criteria to obtain a higher quality ratings on Google’s organic searches.

Hart talked about the Hub and Spokes strategy which is - as several spokes attach to a hub, they form a wheel-like structure that allows us to visualize the movement in a customer’s attention. The hub of any company should be their website, but the various spokes contribute to the interior and allow it to further succeed. Out of the spokes he listed (social media, search engines, PR, social influencers, emailing, traditional ads, events, word of mouth, digital ads, and retargeting), Hart argued that email was the most important tool, as it becomes a direct link to clients. Beyond this, when a customer uses their email in a web browser, the company can see which emails they open or how much time they spent reading. Hart advised that a steady stream of 10-12 email to clients per month yielded the greatest result to segment, target and, in some cases, re-commit customers. 

The second point that stood out to us was the distinction between organic and paid searches. Anyone can pay to make their website (hubs) appear first in a search engine, but to increase organic search strength, one has to consider the criteria the algorithm Google uses. Hart said that Google assesses which websites should appear first in a search engine by measuring both the share rates of that website on social media, as well as the low bounce rates (the rate at which someone leaves a website after entering it). Furthermore, he said that with its improved linguistic capabilities in Google Translate, the algorithm for US-based websites can now check and grade the level of english that is being used in a website, so think twice before outsourcing.

“Goldfish have an attention span of ten seconds,” said Hart, but now “we have an attention span of eight seconds due to our smartphones.” Knowing this is only half of the battle, but by arming yourself with techniques that allow you to reach clients and potential customers across a variety mediums, will help you capture even the most difficult demographics.

If you’re interested in seeing some pics from the day of the speech, check out our insta snapshots at @orangeumbrellamiami.