The Art of Red Lot Parking

If you didn’t know already, us Oranges love to squeeze out only the best ideas for our sweet clients. However, there’s another kind of squeezing that we aren’t as fond of. It can cause our exterior to bruise… and also our bank account. We’re talking about Red Lot parking.

Trying to find the closest spot to the LC or Wolfson can be a messy battle between yourself, your sanity, and other drivers. Long periods of circling and thinking about how you could spend your time otherwise can test us to the extreme. But you can always give up and settle for a spot in the back. Is there a feeling of defeat? Yes. Is it the easier option? Absolutely. 

But let’s say a spot actually opens up, and it’s a good one! Now comes the second part of the challenge: turning into an automobile ninja. You know how on those home makeover shows they say “Move! That! Bus!” for the big reveal? There should be a group of people near you chanting, “Do! Not! Ding!” Like I said, us Oranges aren’t big fans of this kind of squeezing, so we need whatever motivation we can get to not bump into anyone else. But once you park, remember that time is ticking, and fast! Remember, your car will turn into a the Sahara within 30 seconds without the air on. 

After that, congrats! You successfully parked in Red Lot! Now just hope the parking officers don’t notice you actually don’t have the correct parking pass.