The Episode of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" You Never Got

It seems like yesterday that we were rushing to our advisors, freaking out over choosing the right courses for this semester. “Will I get in?” "Is there a waitlist?” “Is the professor easy?” This process can seem to define the word “hassle.” And the best part: fighting so hard to get into a specific class, only for you to realize it’s horrible. This can be due to an array of reasons, from the content, to the people in the class, or even professor themselves. But don’t worry, here are some tips on how to make these classes bearable, and possibly fun.


This sounds terrible and horrifying, but give it a try. Making a conversation out of the lecture can help you remember the content better and can make time go faster. This works best in a class that’s no more than 25 students since there’s a more intimate atmosphere. Also, make sure the professor is open-minded and social. Doing this with a strict, jaded professor can cause you to get on their bad side.


Good food is always the best. If your professor allows it, try eating lunch (or dinner) in class. You’ll be focusing on what you’re eating more so than the lecture, providing a blissful and delicious escape from the class’s dull content. And remember, the slower you eat, the longer you’ll be in the "escape."

Be Creative

Doodle! Think of different ideas you could maybe implement in real life, like a funny t-shirt. Open Photoshop and play around with putting you best friend’s face on a picture of Trump. The sky's the limit. But I would keep this option as a last resort because it’s the easy way out of actually paying attention whatsoever. 

What are your techniques? What helps you get through these classes? What’s the meaning of life? Share this article and post your tips as the description!