Things We Love

The summer staff of OU put their heads together this past week to answer the simple question: what do we love? Our oranges all sat around the IMC’s center table and drew from differing sources of passion to come up with a plethora of responses. Here are a few of our favorite things:


  • The New A$AP Rocky Album (Jack)

A$AP Rocky released his new and highly anticipated third album, Testing, this past Friday. As a cultural icon in the modern worlds of hip-hop and fashion, A$AP has solidified himself - with the help of the late online marketing strategist A$AP Yams - as a public figure with a strong and effective personal brand. Moreover, he’s a gifted rapper, and his new album features the likes of Kodak Black, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and more.


  • The Room (Greg)

This movie defies all rules of sanity. Dubbed as the worst movie ever made, it has gained a cult following for its absurd scenes and dialog. It’s definitely a muse for out-of-the-box thinking.


  • Tacocraft (Abby)

Mexican food is never a “no” for us oranges, ESPECIALLY Tacocraft. This flavor hotspot is a favorite among many UM students. You could almost call #TacoTuesdays a weekly holiday.


  • Plants, gardening, and growing herbs like cilantro, basil, and chocolate mint. (MJ)

“The chocolate mint plant I have is growing so fast I swear it’s gonna run for president in 2020," was a notable quote our CEO made just the other day. The sound of freshly grown chocolate mint alone is enough to make our mouths water.


  • Post Malone’s new album (Michael)

You can’t ever go wrong with Post Malone. With tracks like Psycho and Candy Paint, White Iverson’s new album is a career setter, and is hugely popular with college students across the nation.


  • “The gym. Specifically at 7:00AM when no one’s’s so nice” (Maddie)

The Wellness Center is a shrine at the U. It just sucks when it’s 6:30PM and it’s as crowded as the patio when Drake came to campus. Make sure to hit your reps earlier in the day!


  • “Right now I love working, being proactive, and keeping myself busy” (Alain)

Keeping busy helps keep the mind aware and healthy! Stay active, we know Alain does. #collegetips


  • "My new Stan Smiths" (Alex)

Adidas is timeless, and the new Stan Smith shoes only add to the company's trademark freshness. You can’t go wrong with these universally sleek kicks. The shoe model’s successful branding methods have positioned it as a classic staple in the world of sneakers that remains quintessential to many people’s wardrobes.


  • Growing Green Grub in Less than a Week (Evan)

Sometimes growing plants can be daunting, but sprouts are a quick way to start growing something that is simple, nutritious, and delicious. All you need to start is a handful of seeds in a mason jar with cheese cloth attached to the lid. Start with broccoli, kale, or mung bean seeds. Just make sure to rinse them twice daily and you’ll have a hearty crop ready in four or five days.