Why Ad Agencies Need Water Boys

Creative work. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. All the research, data, and strategy that leads up to the creative might be perfect, but it’s useless if the creatives don’t put it all together with a juicy, red cherry on top - the cherry is a metaphor for well-crafted messaging.

There’s an endless amount of positions in ad agencies. But there’s one thing they’re missing. Something that would create a better chance for creatives to get the job done: water boys.

Did you know that a 1% drop in hydration leads to a 12% drop in creativity? That means the more hydrated someone is, the more creative they are. Hydration is the key to reaching full creative potential.

The job description of ad agency water boys might include:
·      Forcing creatives to open up
·      Pouring water down their throats
·      Shouting  “chug” repeatedly

For higher paid water boys the job description might also include:
·      Making sure creatives go pee often
               -Because the best ideas come while peeing
·      Making sure creatives shower often
               -Because the second best ideas come while showering
·      Making sure creatives pee in the shower
               -Yeah. Double whammy. Pow pow… boom!

Ad agencies are missing water boys, an important job that would help agencies blow their competition out of the water (sorry). And although the position is titled “water boy”, that doesn’t mean that girls can’t do the job. It’s just that “water people” sounds weird. The job is definitely gender fluid (sorry).