3 Ways to Make your Family BBQ Shine with Red, White, and Blue

If Thanksgiving Dinner and Easter Sunday had a child, it would be July 4th. Why? You need to deal with your argumentative and semi-tipsy step-uncle and hear him explain why we’re approaching the North Korea situation incorrectly. Oh, and don’t forget about Aunt Cheryl complaining about something for no reason.

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In other words, it’s FAMILY HOUR. Are you ready for all that quality time? Here are some ways to turn the BBQ into something memorable and patriotic for everyone:

1. Apache Relay

If you went to summer camp, you should know this like the back of your hand. An apache relay is a race consisting of different stations, passing the baton every time the station is complete. For example, stations could include filling a water basin blindfolded or dizzy bat. Just split the squad into two, and let the hilarity ensue.


2. Cook-Off / Top Chef

July 4th isn’t the same without food. It’s the catalyst for celebration. Prepare cooking materials and a recipe beforehand, and have a cook-off between two teams. The best part about winning? Bragging rights for 365 days… and good food.


3. HQ Trivia

Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with Scott Rogowsky and Sharon Carpenter from the HQ app? These guys may talk up a storm, but they put on a great game that the entire family will love. And who knows, maybe one of you will win a whopping $1.32!