Going to College: A Story of True Independence

Many of us can relate to the feeling of going to an unknown environment. At times it can be unraveling and make you feel uncertain when you go somewhere you haven’t been before. Many can relate to that doubtful feeling when they try something new, but they need to get excited at the chance to enter a new environment, as it is also an opportunity to become more independent and step outside of your comfort zone.

Perhaps the most exciting step out of one’s comfort zone is felt in the leap between high school and college, between hand-holding and hands-on experience. The first year of college is full of the adrenaline rushes felt when first-year students realize they are independent. The feeling of independence comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It might come as a shy student joins more on-campus clubs, learning to play the guitar, or getting the courage to ask out the girl next door who has been your friend for years.

In the same way that going to college is a way people learn to become independent, the Fourth of July is the celebration of our independence as a nation. So let’s learn something from our underclassmen and be fearless this Fourth of July. Do something that is outside of your comfort zone, embrace your own independence, and be excited in the face of uncertainty!