If Hex Codes Had Personalities

Imagine if 7 was red and had a spicy taste, while 2 felt cold and was always blue. None of this may make sense to you, but it’s a reality for some. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon that causes individuals to associate one cognitive pathway with another that have no relation between each other.

So this got me thinking: what if hex codes had personalities, from #ffffff all the way to #000000? Who’s the annoying one, the nice one, the helpful one? Let’s use the eyedropper tool and take a look:


This guy is definitely the know-it-all of the group. He thinks he has slick moves and that everyone loves him. Little does he know he’s annoying and everyone thinks that he lacks basic social skills. You may feel bad and try to act kind, but just remember you’re definitely taking the high road.


Bottle service, Instagram shoots from her rooftop apartment, and a playlist consisting only of Migos, Drake and the Weeknd (the old Weeknd, of course). This hex code loves luxury, and she needs everyone to know. Her Instagram ratio is pure fire, and everyone in Miami is chasing after her. Her Ph. D. in flexing came with her hex code, and it always will.


Everyone LOVES him! He puts everyone in a great mood and knows exactly what to say to make everyone feel welcome. Loving to organize group outings and fun trips, he’s always up for adventure. But no matter where the road may take you, just know that he’ll always be there for you. He’s a friend for life, so keep him close.


He’s a little weird, and always down to do unusual stuff. Who’s down to go out on a Tuesday even though they have work at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow? This guy. Who’s making a 3 a.m. Denny’s run? This guy. Who can’t stop telling you about that Honey Dijon Broiler Room set? This guy. But to his core, he’s down to earth. Take some time to get to know him, it may surprise you.


She’s super bubbly, and it’s nearly impossible to make her upset. Being outgoing, it’s only natural that she peaks during the nighttime and become the lighthearted life of the party. She’s extremely funny on her Snapchat stories, and is also killing it at her PR job. If you want your party to have a friendly and upbeat vibe, give her a call!