Taking the Orange Throne

The fight for power within Orange Umbrella is a millennium-old tale, tracing back to the days of the vikings. Clashing over clients and screaming over designs, battles upon battles have lead to what we know Orange Umbrella today as: a quiet, peaceful, fun workspace. Modern day treaties and agreements subdued the fighting in recent years, but the fight went cold! Let’s take a look at the fighters trying to conquer the orange throne:


MJ may be the CEO of Orange Umbrella, but she’s still fighting for the throne. After trying too hard to click with the rest of the team by using phrases like, “hippity hoppity I’m outta here!”, and “I’m super awesome my dudes, I even listen to Owl City!”, she failed to gain the status of “cool”. This caused a major setback, but she has a few ideas up her sleeve for the future. We would share them, but she would give us an F.


He’s the king of swift, clean design (and personality). With only one semester in Orange Umbrella, Alain is already a favorite in the office. He’s even irresistible to some when his luscious, brown hair blows in the wind. But there’s one key problem: he does intermittent fasting. Only eating after 2 p.m., he tends to become full very quickly. This renders him sedentary for the rest of the day. Taking the throne in this state can be difficult. We’ll check back in once he drops the diet.


There’s a lot to say about Princess Abigail Lloyd VIX of South Orange, New Jersey. Her office attitude is anything but orthodox, bringing up some of the funniest and craziest topics. Also, the sound of her name sounds like royalty. However, she’s too preoccupied running OU’s Insta, even admitting that conquering would take too much time from her schedule. But who knows? She loves unpredictability.


Sketching and copywriting around the clock, Braylond is nothing less than a creative super saiyan. So, uhm, funny story. During a throne-taking attempt last year, Braylond actually turned into a super saiyan. However, mid-transformation, he accidentally propelled himself through the roof. He hasn’t been able to go full super saiyan since. It’s rumored that he’ll try his coup d'etat again once he regains his powers, but no one truly knows.


So, who owns the throne? We can’t say for sure but w…. wait…. I’m receiving breaking news. It’s…. It’s true! In a stunning turn of events, Captain has taken the Orange Throne! I repeat, Captain has taken the Orange Throne! After an attempted invasion of the IMC, he knocked out the kingdom’s foes in a winner-take-all arm wrestling competition, saving the IMC’s subjects! We are eternally grateful! Long Live the King!