Summer 2018’s Best Campaigns and Stunts

Advertising got a little crazy this summer. Was it because of the intense heat? We'll never truly know, but let's see what came from it:

International House of Breakfast? Brunch? BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS?! Just a few guesses for IHOP’s rebranding stunt before its reveal as the International House of.. Burgers. Declared - by us - as the stunt of the summer, it did numbers: Over 20,000 stories written, 36 billion earned media impressions, and 4 billion mentions on social. And honestly, the burger wasn’t half-bad.

Amazon / Jurassic World Dinosaur Shipment
“Alexa, ask Jurassic World what’s inside the box?” said local Angelino’s as they passed an Amazon Prime delivery of prehistoric proportions. A cross-channel promotion for Amazon and the feature-film, it garnered an immense amount of hype as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard unboxed a statue of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Grove in Los Angeles. Let’s just hope the Greater LA area doesn’t end up like Isla Nublar.

ORE-IDA Potato Pay
The commercial that made us reevaluate our morals, ORE-IDA’s Potato Pay is the crunchiest currency to hit the market. Capitalizing on the guilty pleasure that is the french fry, ORE-IDA wants their customers to use it to get their kids to do those things they hate. It’s fun, but it’s also borderline bribery.

Apple: Memory
Apple takes on one of mankind’s biggest problems: forgetting your password. Ramping up the drama from 0 to 60, the final question of the memory test makes even elephants flinch. With Face ID, Apple bids farewell to ‘invalid password,’ ‘too many password attempts,’ and the worst: ‘reset password.’