What We Learned From the Field

This summer, we were blessed with the opportunity to visit so many incredible companies specializing in PR, advertising, marketing, and beyond. Attending networking events and going to offices gave us an insight on what the #AdLife truly means, and how we should prepare pre-graduation. Here’s some of the best insights we took away from each visit:

Boats Group
Give back to the community. CEO Sam Fulton explained that it’s crucial for a company to look for ways to better the population and environment around them. The firm is emotionally invested in the greater Miami community, and employees help to create a better city via volunteering.

Markham & Stein
Remember to look towards the future. Markham Cronin - founder and Chief Creative Officer of Markham & Stein - explained that staying ahead of the curve in the industry means constantly evolving. Continue to hone and refine your craft, but remember to keep an eye for emerging and innovative practices. Find ways to incorporate your skills into these new trends to help yourself get ahead, and stay ahead.

Quinn PR
Take a slice of humble pie. Tathiana Rosado, Senior Vice President of Quinn PR Miami, broke some hard news to the team: PR doesn’t come with glory. A lot of the time and your work will go live without credit to you. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t become a star within your own niche. Keep doing what you do best, and you’re bound for glory.

The Community
Build your community and keep clients happy. Jomarys Hoyos, HR Agency Partner at The Community, discussed the significance of building community not only for agencies, but for clients as well. We loved hearing about the methods they use to designate specific communities to different clients (i.e., dozens of team members, all from different departments, are dedicated to Verizon Wireless). These employees grow with the brand, getting to know each other and gaining synergy as they strive to build the Verizon Wireless business.

Sapient Razorfish
Quality over quantity. Creative Director Jimmy Allen and Art Director Claire Zimmerman told us that not everything you create needs to be in your portfolio. Choose the projects that define your talent and bring you pride. Standing out is key, so remember that your next all-nighter isn’t for nothing.

SoBe Promos Showcase Event
Don’t be shy. SoBe Promos - the incredible company that brings OU’s merch to life - invited the #SummerSquad to a June showcase event in Wynwood. With so many vendors present, it’s important to network, learn about others, and tell people about yourself; great partnerships develop only when you really put yourself out there.