The Winwood Wall

We find that our small successes propel both ourselves professionally, and Orange Umbrella as a business. That’s why we make sure to celebrate each one! In the IMC, all of our wins stand proudly on our Winwood Wall. Think of it like OU’s very own refrigerator… minus the corny magnets. What’s some of our proudest work?

Boats Group Articles
These articles go offshore, always finding the choppiest waters for the best time. Jack Feldman and Gregory Mintz wrote lifestyle pieces for Boats Group ranging from different kinds of boat personalities to summer swimwear trends. They love to use humor and character in their work, making it a seasick-less read. We look forward to working with them this Fall and giving you the inside scoop on #NautiCulture!

The University of Miami’s Laboratory for Interactive Knowledge (U-LINK) is UM’s interdisciplinary research initiative spearheaded by the Office of the Provost. To build awareness, Orange Umbrella created a social media content calendar for their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. This social campaign brought U-LINK’s collaborative and forward-thinking work into the public eye. It’s exciting to help push for collaboration in research, as Orange Umbrella pushes for collaboration in education.

Recruitment Mini-Campaign
Orange Umbrella’s most successful internal campaign to-date went off without a hitch. We wanted to recruit only the most talented fruits who fit our company culture, and we made sure our summer recruitment campaign reflected that. With a series of minimalistic Instagram posts, the campaign garnered over 250 likes and a 10% jump in followers. This collaboration brought out the best in all of us, and we can’t wait for our next internal campaign.

Lotus Philosophies
Lotus Philosophies, an online jewelry store based in India, needed rebranding. Naturally, skillful OU designer Alain Katsman eagerly took on the challenge. Rendering a beautiful brand guide, Alain took Lotus Philosophies to cloud nine with a clean, light-colored design. The logo features a minimalistic blue lotus flower with an upside down diamond as the top leaf. It set a high standard for our Winwood Wall, and Orange Umbrella’s and Alain’s design portfolio.