The Past Isn’t Worth the Future

In high school, everyone told me that college would be the easiest years of my life. Rumor had it that the shift from a 9-hour, 10-class school day to 5 classes, 2-3 times per week felt like heavy shackles falling from your wrists for the first time in 4 years.

And they were right. SO RIGHT. I didn’t know what to do with my time as a Freshman. I kept thinking to myself after coming back from classes, “Now what?” Some liked to sit in their dorms, play video games, and #NetflixAndChill, others liked to get involved and spend each moment active. I fell with the latter, or should I say ladder, because I hit my head, HARD.

As a 16-year-old, I remember wanting to do so much in college. I thought of all the incredible opportunities it could bring me, and the impact I could leave.

Now, let's flash forward; I’m a senior in five organizations, four of which I hold a position in. Sadly, it feels like high school again. The MAJOR difference is that I love everything I’m involved in. Nonetheless, I overshot my workload and I feel jaded. There’s no colorful wording or grandiose adjectives (see what I did there?) to explain this. It’s simply that.

Coming into school, you may feel that this University is your oyster, AND IT IS. Do not ever deny that fact, and always remember to take advantage of it. But don’t forget about yourself (cue the corny 90’s sitcom music) and know that it’s totally okay to have “me” time. You may miss out on great opportunities, like studying abroad. I did, and it’s something I’ll always regret. However, I will NEVER regret the choice to throw myself into the unknown, allowing myself to learn from my mistakes and experiences.