Uber's Redesigned Logo

Following some glitchy setbacks and a history of technical difficulties, Uber has just launched a complete rebranding effort. Uber’s updated look includes a customized typeface, refurbished in-app animations, and a new color pallet. All of these features are the result of Uber’s partnership with consultancy Wolff Olins and MCKL, and the development took place over a period of nine months.

According to the company’s Executive Director of Branding, Peter Markatos, the app’s redesign signifies a transformation from “a San Francisco startup to a global company.” After years of using its old logo - which you might remember as a little square-inside-of-a-circle type emblem - research concluded that customers didn’t actually associate the symbol with Uber outside of the app’s interface.

Thus, considering the brand already has an instantly recognizable identity conveyed just by its name, Uber decided to use its prominence to its advantage by simplifying its logo to a black-and-white display of the company name, and by personalizing its own tailor-made font. These are undoubtedly bold moves, but it seems these moguls of mobility have the power to make the plays.