Fruit Camp 2018

The first week of our 2018 semester, and the first weekend of the school year, saw one of our favorite OU traditions: Fruit Camp!

This year, our new members went through an orientation week that was exciting and informative. Members of our summer team gave presentations about a range of important topics. These subjects included company culture, modes of communication, file storage, positivity, approval on deliverables, and more.

Also, Orange Umbrella introduced a new mentorship program during Fruit Camp this semester: Oranges and Clementines! As part of this arrangement, all new members of Orange Umbrella are matched with another member who has been involved in the Consultancy for a longer time. In turn, new members (our “Clementines”) can come to their Oranges with pressing questions, advice before a client meeting, suggestions on works in progress, logistical inquiries, or even just to hang! We are all very excited about this addition to the OU experience.