Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Going from Summer to Fall at Orange Umbrella is a huge transition. After expanding our team from 12 to 54 Oranges, team dynamic and project development changed drastically, and for the better. If you’re someone who excels when working with others in small, interactive spaces, the idea of having a large team at the Consultancy can be a little daunting at first: Will there be enough work? What happens if people don’t get along? Will the culture that we pride ourselves on hold?

These questions were quickly and naturally answered with a resounding “Yes.” All Oranges, old and new, came into the semester with a blazing drive to learn and create only the best work. The personal dynamic between everyone is almost tangible, with each person wanting to help each other whenever possible. The biggest challenge that we now face is maintaining this culture. As new Oranges come in and old Oranges graduate, maintaining the atmosphere that the IMC was built upon will always be a priority. With that being said, we are all thrilled for what the semester has in store!