Bill Koenigsberg Enters the American Advertising Federation's Hall of Fame


Thousands of advertising professionals. Approximately 50 nominees. Only 8 inductees.

The American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Fame is one of the biggest honors an advertiser can receive. This year’s inductees were recently announced, and Bill Koenigsberg -  one of the main donors of UM’s Koenigsberg and Nadal Interactive Media Center - is among the 8 of them. Since the IMC is Orange Umbrella’s home, as well as a preferred study spot for School of Communication students, this announcement is very exciting to us.

Koenigsberg is the CEO and founder of Horizon Media, which has been around for 30 years. His company is often described as the largest privately-held media agency in the world. It represents leading companies such as GEICO, Sprint, Capital One, Burger King, and A+E Networks. Considering the success of Horizon Media, Koenigsberg’s induction to the Advertising Hall of Fame was a long time coming.

In order to be considered, candidates must first be nominated by the public. These are typically advertising professionals, such as Koenigsberg, who have been part of the advertising industry for at least 35 years. AAF receives between 25 to 50 nominations each year, but only 6 to 8 candidates are usually inducted. Koenigsberg, along with his fellow selected nominees, will be inducted at an upcoming ceremony and dinner in New York City on April 30th.

To learn more, visit this page for more information on the IMC, and this page for more on the AFF hall of fame.