The 4 Types of Spring Breakers at the University of Miami

Spring Break- that one vacation that makes the last Friday class a little more excruciating than usual. Between the pressure of still needing to find a summer internship, to professors cramming work for the fun of it, students accept that the best solution is to just forget about it all. Responsibilities deserve to be put in the corner every once in a while (unlike Baby), so let’s explore the kinds of students that are best at this.

The One Who Goes Home

As the old saying goes, home is where there’s no cramming. Many find that going back to kick it with high school friends and playing with your dog that missed you dearly is the best way to destress. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, knowing that waking up means going back to a similar routine you became so familiar with for 18 years. However, some find that going home is the ultimate sign of “Spring Break defeat” — that it’s a last resort. We think otherwise, and there’s no better way to hit the reset button than to go back to the basics. Just ask OU rockstar, Andrea Illan, about her Game of Thrones binge-sessions. She felt even better than Tyrion after a steep glass of wine.

The One Who Goes to the Bimini

Did your friend go to Bimini? Don’t even ask, you already know the answer. It’s become a UM trope for students to make pilgrimage to the Bahamas for the purpose of going full-#SICKOMODE. The constant partying, repetitive EDM, and lack of sleep puts this vacation as the most energetic option to spend your week. Finding your lost friends, keeping up with daily events, and having to get ready every night can also result in moments of mild stress. Sounds awful, no? Nonetheless, students never take for granted how close we live to the island nation, and always make memories that will last no more than 12 hours. An OU account manager, Liv Augustini, even got to spank Sammy Adams while there. Do you know what that means? Neither do we! That’s what Bimini is all about.

The One Who Stays in Miami

If Orange Umbrella earned a dollar for everytime a UM student said “We live where you vacation,” I’d get paid a full-time salary to write these article. We live in one of the few cities where one could stay for Spring Break and have just as much fun as any other hot destination. It’s why students usually have friends visit, saving them the money and stress that goes into traveling. However, the Uber to Brickell is already a hike, and someone is bound to overdraw their checking account right before finishing the night at Coyo Taco. That’s a staycation at its finest. OU veteran and copywriter, Greg Mintz, had friends from Norway visit him over the break. From casually shopping to taking a day trip to Orlando, the crew discovered that there’s so much to do in the area with so little time. Also, Greg realized that driving 400+ miles in a full day is never a good idea. If you stayed in town, we hope you maximized the week like they did!

The One Who Takes it Solo

Everyone needs “me” time. There’s no way around it. What better time to turn on Do Not Disturb Mode than during the break? Remember, all those responsibilities were put in a corner, so there’s finally a chance to experience something new with just Me, Myself, and I. Have you ever been rock climbing in the Rockies, or seen London from atop the Eye? How about orchestrating a Meet and Greet with the animatronics from Chuck-E-Cheese? The possibilities are endless, and so is your imagination (hopefully you read that sentence with some cliché, inspirational music in the background.) Lina Katrin, one of our very own copywriters and designated Russian tutors, grabbed at this opportunity to hike Shenandoah National Park, where she saw a waterfall in person for the first time! Even though TLC taught us otherwise back in 1994, Lina enjoyed every moment of the experience. Stories like these really show such great experiences can come from such small moments.

Speaking of small moments, Spring Break feels like one, now that school is back in session. Those responsibilities came out from their corner, and they are back with a heavy vengeance. Try to stay clear of whatever devious plots they make concoct against you, and put a leash on them if you can. We sometimes need lassos here in the IMC. However, that’s business as usual.