Donna Shalala x Orange Umbrella Event

Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Florida) joined Orange Umbrella on March 21 to talk with students, staff and faculty about the importance of communication, and offered some useful advice from her successful career. Shalala shared that communication skills have always been essential with all of her work, and that the ability to communicate clearly is a key to success.

From volunteering at an Iranian mud village with the Peace Corp, to representing Florida’s 27th district in Congress, Shalala highlighted the vitality in interacting with people in a simple yet effective manner. Shalala explained how she still prioritizes “old-fashioned” ways of communicating with her constituents, holding town hall meetings around Miami to meet face-to-face with locals. Nonetheless, she still maintains an active presence on her social media accounts.

Shalala also gave some words of wisdom to graduating, explaining the importance in remembering that one’s first job will not be their last, and to always network with people from different industries. A hardworking attitude and good sense of humor also helps.

To learn more about the event and Orange Umbrella’s networking opportunities, read this article written by The Miami Hurricane.