"Walk With, Not By": A New Seattle-Based App Reaches Out to the Homeless Community


In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to be innovative. New apps and websites are constantly emerging, and many can get lost in the web. However, a new app called Samaritan certainly deserves some spotlight. Samaritan is helping the homeless community in Seattle by implementing its belief of “Walk With, Not By”. Samaritan seeks to improve the lives of homeless individuals by connecting them to locals. When individuals who have the app walk by a beacon-holder, the two get connected. Users are then shown the name of the homeless individual, along with their story. The app then gives them the option to donate money to the beacon-holder. This money is not redeemable, and can only be used at certain local stores through the beacon. Some of the stores include barber shops, coffee shops, and grocery stores. Homeless individuals who choose to participate can find the beacons at certain non-profit organizations, or can get them directly from volunteer counselors.

According to Fast Company, Samaritan has given out 500 beacons in the first two years that it has been around. Many of the homeless users have reported that the app has improved their lives, and helped them find jobs. Given the impact the app has had on the homeless population of Seattle, Samaritan will soon expand its resources, making 2,500 beacons available, and beginning operations in nine more cities in the U.S. To find out more about Samaritan, visit https://www.samaritan.city/.