Celebrating a Legend

In an attempt to properly celebrate the incredible career of Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat honored the legend with a video celebrating his long and storied career. In crafting the video’s narrative, the organization divided Wade’s career into three separate acts (watch the video here). Following the Heat’s model, here are three different tributes released this week that celebrated the incredible career of Miami’s biggest sports star.

1) Converse Advertisement Recreation


During Wade’s early years in the NBA, he signed an endorsement deal with Converse, and quickly became the face of the company’s basketball brand. Converse created four different signature shoes for the young shooting guard, as well as this commercial announcing the launch of “Wade 3’s.” Prior to his last home game, the Miami Heat released their own version of the commercial, recreating the advertisement with Wade’s oldest son, Zaire. This campaign remembers Wade’s quick rise to stardom, while also celebrating the passing of the torch as the younger Wade looks to pursue his own career as a basketball player.

2) Budweiser Advertisement


Following games throughout the 2018-19 season, Wade has routinely exchanged jerseys with players on opposing teams. The jersey swaps are usually done with fellow stars like Lebron James and Dirk Nowitzki, although there was one memorable exchange with an unsuspecting rookie. Budweiser used this practice as the basis for their own ad meant to celebrate Wade’s incredible contributions off the court. The ad shows different people telling Wade how he impacted their own lives, with them presenting their own tokens of appreciation. The final presenter is Wade’s mother, Jolinda, who thanks him for his support through the difficult times she experienced throughout her life. The story is incredible moving, and shows that Wade will always be remembered for much more than his talent on the basketball court.

3) Final Home Game Information Guide


At Miami Heat home games, fans are usually given standard guides with information about each of the teams playing, and some more intel about future events at American Airlines Arena. For Wade’s last game, the team dedicated the guide to celebrating the Heat legend, using the title “L3GACY” on the front and back covers. What makes the game guide special is the hologram images on the both sides of the guide. On the front, turning the guide will show the three championship rings Wade won during his career. On the back, turning the cover shows a young Wade together with the image of an older Wade doing his trademark “This is my house” celebration. The hologram imagery is extremely clever, and a wonderful treat to those who were able to attend the final home game of the greatest player in franchise history.