Five Lessons We Learned

With another semester coming to an end, it’s easy to get wrapped up in studying for finals, completing final presentations, and finishing client projects. However, there’s no better time to step back and reflect on Orange Umbrella’s successful semester than the end of it. We asked some of our members to think back on these past few months and share some of the lessons learned through OU. This is what we came up with:

You’ll find your passion, even if it takes time.

People tend to think we have one true passion and that we should have that figured out by now. That’s definitely not the case, though. Trying new things can lead to newfound passions that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Graduating senior and Director of Interactive Design, Abby Lloyd, tells us Orange Umbrella helped her realize she loves the social media and design world. This is something she wouldn’t have learned if she didn’t try them out at OU.

The real world is a myth.

Time after time we refer to anything that comes after graduation as “the real world”. However, there is no such thing because everything you’re doing is the real world, no matter your stage in life. Nothing embodies this truth better than our work at Orange Umbrella. Regardless of being students we have real clients and have real work. So why not start calling our world “the real world” too?

The client might not be happy right off the bat.

This is a completely normal thing that agencies deal with all the time and one that is perfectly okay. Our Managing Director, MJ Barnes, gives us some insight on that:

“It’s easy to want to nail things on the first try, but being in a creative business, you have to remember that it takes combining a lot of perspectives and opinions to get to an end product that everyone loves. We learned that when the first round of presentations (even the first few rounds) don’t seem to go too well, you can’t give up. The best work should always win, so you have to give the work your heart and soul until you get there.”

Jump on challenges, even if it’s scary.

Whether that is jumping onto a new client meeting, working on a department you hadn’t worked on before, or just taking part of a difficult project; there are many things about Orange Umbrella that are challenging. The key, however, is to take on these challenges head on, no matter how scary they might be. Sophomore copywriter, Andrea Illan, tells us she worked on projects this semester that required a type of writing she had never done before. She took on these assignments head on and came out with more skills every single time. That’s the greatness of challenges.

Team work makes the dream work.

Orange Umbrella is no stranger to the importance of having a great team. While this is an obvious lesson, it’s so important we couldn’t help but include it. Graduating senior and creative director, Jack Feldman, tells us he wouldn’t have learned about working in teams and managing others the same way with an opportunity other than Orange Umbrella.

While we’re sad to say goodbye to our beloved seniors, we’re excited for what our next semesters will bring and the new lessons we will learn. See you then!

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