Why You Should Attend Live Concerts

It’s graduation season — a plain but true statement that makes many students tear up. A lot of OU students are not coming back to IMC next fall, which is hard to even think about it, because we already miss them so much. For now though, let’s look at the positive side. Graduation also means partying and treating yourself, because, let’s be honest here, if you’re graduating next month, you deserve a break. So how about going to a concert with some friends?

The significance of live concert experience has been gradually fading away with the constant development of technology. New speaker systems have amazing sound quality and allow you to enjoy your favorite artists from the comfort of your own bedroom. Plus, in 2019 everyone knows that music-streaming services such as Spotify provide a platform for people to pay $10 (or $5 for students) and listen to as much music as they want, download songs and create playlists for different occasions. As a result, many people don’t think it is worth attending concerts anymore. So, if you are also debating buying those tickets to see your favorite artist live, here are four reasons why you should go for it:

1. You connect with the artist

And this time it is not about the deep emotional connection that all of us have with various songs or bands. It’s about an actual experience of interacting with the performer during the concert, seeing and hearing them speaking to you. And hundreds of other people, too, but most importantly — you, of course.

2. You’re surrounded with people who share the same passion as you

At concerts you are not just dancing and singing with the performer; you unite with everyone at the venue. The feeling of seeing smiles on people’s faces and being surrounded by friends who are enjoying this special moment with you is unforgettable.

3. It’s not just music — it’s a show

Artists often create amazing performances on stage, where they not only sing your favorite tunes but also incorporate other elements of art: neon interactive backgrounds, flash mobs, dances, etc. If you love a particular band or a singer, it is always exciting to witness what they come up with on stage.

4. You get to hear your favorite artist live

People don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to this crucial factor. When it comes to recorded music, it is almost always heavily edited. Live concerts give you an opportunity to actually hear what the artist’s voice sounds like without any production and to see what emotions they put into their songs. This makes the music even more special and intimate.

Undoubtedly, some people don’t like crowds and the social aspect of concerts, that’s why they would rather listen to their favorite tracks at home. However, if you can afford to buy a ticket to see your favorite band or artist perform live, it is absolutely worth it. Concerts allow you to make remarkable memories with your friends, especially after graduation. So, just have fun and enjoy yourself — that’s a perfect time for this.