Super Heroes Among Us

Are superheroes born or made?  The world may never know. But here at Orange Umbrella, we’ve employed a fair share of them.  It’s actually been scientifically proven that all of our oranges are, in fact, super.

How did we get so lucky to employ so many caped creative crusaders?  How did so many incredible, magnetic, explosive talents find their way to Orange Umbrella?  Is it because greatness attracts greatness? Or is it because the IMC is actually nestled atop an old nuclear power plant?  

Well, we believe, just like Superman, that there is a superhero in all of us; we just need the courage to put on the cape and become one.

So today we’re spotlighting some of our brief-defending, insight-inspiring, and timeline-enforcing Orange Umbrella superheroes.  These are just a few of our young alumni who’ve braved the professional world, put their magical, strategic powers to work, and risen to the top as their OU capes blow in the wind.  We’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished, and we can’t wait to share a few of their super stories with you.


Molly McHugh’s super power is joy.  During her three semesters in OU, she served as an Account Director. Molly worked hard to keep her many projects moving, while always being able to make everyone around her smile.  We know that she’s continuing to be an (X)ray of sunshine as an Assistant Account Executive at Campbell Ewald in New York City. We asked her what advice she’d give to anyone in Orange Umbrella, and she aptly said, “Make friends with the people you work with! It makes the work and presentations more collaborative and creative, and you end up with a network of people for the rest of your life that can help you get wherever you want to be.”  Molly, thanks for always raining your positivity on us! 

Evan Porter started his Orange Umbrella journey as one of our Guardians of Corporate Development in Fall 2018.  Evan, in a dynamic duo with Greg Scott, brought to life our first-ever Job Shadow Week, placing over 35 oranges in local businesses for a day of job shadowing. The following semester, Evan was promoted to Business Analyst.  We watched Evan do so many great things with the opportunities he was given; we knew he was destined for greatness. Evan started as a Sales Development Rep for Dynatrace in Boston in June of this year. The company recently went public, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s because they now have a savvy sales superhero in their midst.  Nonetheless, Evan wants everyone in Orange Umbrella to know that it’s important to “Get out of your comfort zone and explore all of your interests. Don’t be afraid to take charge and do things your own way.” Spoken like a true - masked - visionary.

Maddie Fortna is Orange Umbrella’s Wonder Woman.  Starting with Orange Umbrella from our very first Summer in 2017, Maddie scaled the ranks from Account Manager to Vice President of Client Management, during her six semesters with us. She also dabbled in strategy and copywriting when she wasn’t busy saving the day for our clients.  Her laser focus to get things done in a smart, efficient manner served her well as she oversaw dozens of projects to completion. She’s now a Brand Coordinator at the community in Miami, and she believes OU helped her get there. “I’ve been with Orange Umbrella since day 1, and it helped me gain the confidence I needed to know that I deserved a place as a professional in the advertising industry. Without that, I wouldn’t have my dream job!”  Maddie, you were a dream for us, and we’re so glad you’re chasing your dreams now.

Jack Feldman, our former Creative Director and Captain Cafecito is now a superbly talented Junior Copywriter at Tambourine in Fort Lauderdale.  During his year and a half with Orange Umbrella, he brought his perfect blend of creativity and humor to some of our biggest clients like Miami’s Best and Boats Group. He also penned many, many Squeeze articles, including one of our faves here.  Jack says he’s doing phenomenally fantastic at his new job because “Orange Umbrella helped elevate my teachability. I wasn’t lost or intimidated going into my first job, and I think that is absolutely a huge benefit at entry level.”  We miss Jack’s winning smile around the IMC, but we’re so proud of all the super things he’s doing!

If Abby Lloyd was a superhero, she’d be a Kardashian. Well, she practically is now anyway, because she’s launched her career into outer space as a social media designer for one of our favorite accounts - @betches. Abby started in Orange Umbrella as a PR strategist, but her love for design and interactive media pulled her into our Creative atmosphere. Not long after, she eventually skyrocketed her skills to serve as an Orange Umbrella Creative Director.  When we asked how OU helped her career she said, “I learned everything about communication and approvals at OU. I would have never realized how many people have to look things over or just how responsive you have to be all the time. OU taught me that I’m not the one making all the final decisions!” Abby, keep being a super baddie because you’ll always have the final say in our eyes.

If it was the year 3011, Truman “Clamps” Samberg would be the robotic super hero we all needed. However, just a few hundred decades back in Fall 2017, Truman joined Orange Umbrella as a Business Analyst. Soon after, Truman bounded to Director of Corporate Development where he oversaw the completion of several critical client projects and helped us bring to life growth plans for our business.  Truman recently moved from NYC to LA to join the successful startup, Calyx Peak, as an Analyst. When he’s not shining light on monthly sales numbers or scaling to the top of Excel growth indices, he is thankful that Orange Umbrella taught him how to work with real stakeholders. Truman said of his time at OU, “there was real pressure that came with real work, and now at a job where attention to detail is key, I already know how to stay relaxed and calculated under that pressure.”  We couldn’t clamp our hands harder on that one.


These are just a few of the many superheroes who’ve graced our creative lair in the IMC.  In our past two and a half years of existence, we’ve marveled at the fantastic talents of all of our 120+ oranges who have soared to new heights - both personally and professionally - right in front of us.  We’ve seen them design logos faster than a flash of lightning, uncover business insights more powerful than a locomotive, and nail creative briefs in a single bound. Their hard work while they were with us was remarkable, but now, as superheroes living among the regular citizens of Gotham, they’re putting their talents to work to make extraordinary things happen every day.

We’re super proud of all of them.  But we know that our Orange Umbrella heroes were made because of the path they chose, and not because of the powers they were graced with.  We hope you stay tuned with us to see what outstanding things they do next!