Donna Shalala x OU Poster for the event
Donna Shalala x OU
Event Planning
Media Outreach
Hosting one of Miami’s all-time greats
Donna Shalala is the elected U.S. Representative for Florida’s 27th congressional district. She returned to the University of Miami campus in the Spring of 2019 to talk to Orange Umbrella students and faculty members about the importance of communication.

OU Picture at the event
Donna shalala talking to OU students
our fresh approach
To bring prestige to this special homecoming of one of UM’s most beloved leaders, Orange Umbrella students planned a VIP event in the IMC to welcome her, along with a promotional print and digital campaign. Exclusive guest lists were created and media invites were sent to all on-campus publications. With over 100 people in attendance, Congressman Shalala gave a powerful, motivating speech, solidifying the event as an unforgettable success.
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Article talking about Representative Donna Shalala talking to Orange Umbrella students
MJ with an OU student standing next to each other
Donna Shalala in front of students and attendees
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