Social Media Fruit Camp

Learn the in’s and out’s of social media from Orange Umbrella experts. Let us help you with everything
from social media best practices to brand aesthetic! Bring your team and prepare for an afternoon filled with
interactive workshops and content tailored to your company's communication needs!

Event Details:

April 23, 2019
3:30pm - 7:30pm EST*
University of Miami
*dinner included

Our experts will give a mini-lecture series, host a professional panel, and provide personalized,
constructive consultation
services to you and your team. Each team member will also enjoy
dinner on us, along with printed takeaways from the day’s events.

Come enjoy this chance to grow your skill set, build your business online,
and network with other small businesses in the area!


Building your Brand:

  • Integrate your company’s mission and vision into your brand

  • Define your target market

  • Examine best practices that really work

  • Learn the importance of brand consistency


Social Media Content and Design:

  • Platform basics

  • Generate engaging social content

  • Plan your social media strategy

  • How and when to use various social media tools


Marketing Plans and Analytics:

  • Incorporate micro and macro influencers

  • Leverage paid advertisements to reach your audience

  • Track your performance with analytics and insights

  • Use follower engagement to increase your following


$475 for 2 attendees
$75 for each additional guest

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