Pastries by Madolyn
Logo Creation
Brand Guidelines
Business Cards
Website Design
Building a brand as sweet as its chef
Madolyn Barnes, the founder of Pastries By Madolyn, is a five-star culinary artist who’s satisfying sugary desires across America. A single bite of just one of Madolyn’s sweet treats is enough to make you fall in love. And that’s exactly her secret to all of her delectable desserts — love is packaged into every treat so they can be shared with those you adore most.
our fresh approach
Pastries by Madolyn came to us with no branding at all. So we knew we had to make it special and reflect the endearing persona and talent this home chef exudes. Starting completely from *scratch*, Orange Umbrella designed a logo, brand guide and business cards in a style that captures her aesthetic. We took mouth-watering product photography and built an eCommerce site for her. In no time, Madolyn established her company’s brand and widened her product distribution capabilities.
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