School of Communications
Creative Concepting

Promoting the breadth of our School
Great clients come from all over, but this time, one of our best clients came right from upstairs. In the Fall of 2018, the School of Communication’s Academic Services Department tasked Orange Umbrella to create a short video showcasing the many fields of study and experiences offered to students in the School of Communication.  
Our Fresh Approach

Our team wrote, cast, produced, directed, starred in and edited a beautifully artistic 2-minute video, which follows the exploratory path of a young student-to-be touring the diverse areas of study and activities within the School of Communication. The Academic Services Department uses this video as a recruitment tool and shares it with potential students who are considering UM and the SoC. The video’s message is just as impactful as telling viewers it was written and shot by students in Orange Umbrella.
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