Roles & Expectations for Vice Presidents

  • Manage workload of Directors
  • Oversee operations in your Department
  • Teach, train, and uplift the entire Orange Umbrella staff
  • Review all work to ensure it meets client expectations and our expected levels of quality
  • Meet weekly as a group to review operational structure, client roster, and business goals
  • Make critical decisions that affect Orange Umbrella as a whole and look out for the well-being of the Consultancy
  • Work closely with other VP's and all of the Directors to make Orange Umbrella the best it can be
  • Attend and contribute to an Orange Umbrella management training session - on a day and time TBD
  • Know, apply, and teach Orange Umbrella processes and best practices to your own work and all of the staff


** All answers are confidential and will be reviewed by MJ (and Captain) only.
Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, August 8th at 12pm ET. **


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